Reasons You Must Stay Fit To Play Golf

Staying fit is not just about looking good, but it also adds to your performance. This fitness notion applies to a range of sports, and it also includes golf.

Being physically fit helps perform better at the game – both on a mental and physical front. A sound core makes hitting the long golf ball much easier and accurate. In other words, a lot of midsection and core-building exercises help with putting more power behind the ball.
For a golfer, every aspect of physical fitness matters immensely. However, it is the core that’s of utmost importance. In fact, the core is what that will keep the rear strong, along with the lower half. If golfers want to keep injuries at bay, core exercising is imperative.

Contrary to the past, personal trainers and exercise regimens aren’t anomalies anymore. People, back then, opined weight training is detrimental to the smooth gameplay of golfers. Times have changed. Modern players carry mobile gyms when they travel around the globe.

Generally, golfers must focus very little on their chest, for big-chested players don’t make good golfers. Technically speaking, broader chests restrict back swing turns. The key is to stay mean and lean.

The best part about being fit for golf is that there is very little or no exercising equipment to carry around. For instance, several rounds of sit ups and pushups every morning are plenty enough to get going on the course. If you’d like to warm up before moving on to cardio and weights, do some stretching.

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